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We Need A Bigger Perspective

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Bigger Perspective? Yes Please

  1. Kathy and I are not much on controlled environments. The hotel we are currently staying at is beautiful but sealed inside a climatized environment of an atrium and it’s driving, especially my wife, nuts.

We leave here today for a hotel downtown that’s in the real world so that will be good LOL.

We’ve been grabbing an UBER every night and driving to a different part of Nashville to experience the culture.

If I were in a bigger city I would produce a podcast on Uber drivers. Some just drive you around and share nothing but most of ours have been very open to sharing their stories of coming here from all over the world.

Living in Montana we have no need for Uber so this is an experience for us and all part of this journey.

Last night we ended up in what’s called “German Town.” We stopped for a beer at a pub “The German Town Pub”. But the real name on all the tee-shirts of employees said the real story “Good To People” pub.

The place was packed and Kathy and I were the only two white people in the place.

Folks were so friendly, inviting and accepting. We weren’t uncomfortable but our “whiteness” was noticeable. LOL

I asked the bartender about the Be Good To People tagline.

She said when you wear a shirt and work at a place that says Be Good To People, you better be right?

I almost bought a shirt. I wonder that perhaps that’s not what is wrong with the world right now. Somehow, someone or something decided it was okay for us to be shitty to each other. Somewhere between the reaction to COVID and the hatred of Donald Trump by some, the world accepted “Evil” over “Good.” (I’m not saying Trump is evil I’m saying the hatred of him is)

Perhaps it’s time to refocus. I’m not sure how you call out the BS and ignore the world at the same time but that’s my goal. I need less phone time and more UBUR rides with guys like Hussain who lived in Uganda before coming to this country that he loves.

God gave us a great gift called “The Remote Control.” From anywhere in our homes we can control what comes into our lives and what must stay outside. With a click of our fingers we can turn off the lies, smother the manipulation and soften our souls. Yes, just a click of the switch.

One thing I heard at the conference that sticks with me is “you and I were created for a time like this.” This is no mistake. It was going to happen and crazy was not the intended direction our creator but He understood our frailty and susceptibility to evil. So from the beginning of time He had a plan that you and I would be here to help others weather the storm. We are here to rip-down, tear-apart and put back together the mess created by a fallen, messed up, confused bunch of people. So instead of whining and asking why perhaps it’s time to get the glue out, establish deep relationships in our circles and community, put on our big boy and girl pants and get to work.

We were built for this.

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