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We Can Fix This!

We Can Change This!

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We can change this, I really think we can.

The question is will we?

The openness I remember from pre-pan years is starting to return, at least with the online friends I know and the people of Montana.

We’re tired, tired of bullies, braggers and the belligerent using “mean” to try to control the conversation.

I’ve had so many tender moments the last few weeks.

People appreciative of kindness, truth and openness and less tolerant of the opposite.

Polls show people are fed up.

As I wrote in another blog on another page, people are so used to taking the “Blue Pill” and slipping away into a dream state hoping things will get better, they fail to even understand the “Red Pill” from the Matrix is what opens the eyes and clears the mind.

I know reality is a scary place. Who wants to deal with the truth when listening to lies is easier.

But don’t you feel that tiny grind in your soul telling you something is not right?

It’s not just noise.

It’s real and it’s trying to wake us up.

It’s so much easier to roll over, pull the covers up over your head and swallow the blue pill.

But it takes guts to purposely take the “Red Pill.”

Yes, it’s gonna hurt.

Yes, we all made mistakes.

But can it be any worse than this?

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Sep 28, 2023

Please refrain from the tired old red/blue pill comments.

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
Sep 28, 2023
Replying to

Um Jim here's a reminder...this is my page and I can use anything I want. Your comment made me laugh.

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