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We’re A Team

This whole move is tough.

Don’t get me wrong it’s the best thing we’ve ever done but it’s taxing and sometimes it feels like it’s just me and Kathy…..alone. A bunch of things went wrong with the house we were supposed to take possession of at the end of the month, so we backed out. In a housing market like this people think we’re crazy.

It’s hard to find a house and people think you should settle rather than fight for what you think is right.

We don’t do “settle” and you can call it a flaw or defect but it is who we are and we really don’t care of you agree.

Kathy and I went to Helena Montana to look at a beautiful home, one of six or seven looking at the same home. We’ll make an offer with a tiny bit of hope but we’ve learned just do the process and don’t move in until the final inspection is done. We’re driving home and Kathy looks at me and says: “You know I just don’t care what anyone thinks this is our life and I’m not going to live it for anyone but us.”

I have to smile.

Maybe that’s what this is all about.

For more than 40 years we’ve been together but now we are a team who sticks it out and will do as we see fit, be damned what the rest of you think.

So, yes, when the little voice inside says “this ain’t it” and you think it is, shhhhh, you are no match for this team.

We’ve been doing this relationship thing for longer than most of you have been alive and when you match our experience then you can pipe up….but remember, we’re a team and you got to get both of us to agree with you and that probably won’t happen.

It’s you and me honey.

Let’s do this thing big and wild and let them all think we’re crazy.

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