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True Compassion: The Truth

True Compassion: The Way Out

Sitting in bleachers watching the Helena Rodeo last night, our evening could have been ruined by the people we ended up sitting next to.

The dysfunction of their relationships, mixed with too many “Ultra Light Beers” was sad to watch but you couldn’t help but watch because we were sitting in the middle of it.

(we had fun anyway but it did put a damper on the evening)

This morning I listened to a short bit a friend sent me from a pastor.

He was speaking of our responsibly as children of God for standing up for the truth and loving people through it.

Something in his words resonate deeply with me.

When I turn off all media and put my ear to the ground the rumbling of dissatisfaction and change moves the earth.

People are tired, tired of culture spinning it’s narrative telling us what we should and should not believe.

We know right from wrong but stay silent, shutdown and hide what we really think to avoid stirring problems.

During COVID we discovered how questions got you canceled and the same thing is true with some of the alleged “equity issues” arising on the stage today.

I think one of the ways out of this mess is compassion.

I’m not talking about the kind of compassion that ignores boundaries and blurs lines between good and evil, no not at all.

If anything we need to redraw those lines in a dark, permanent ink.

I’m talking about the kind of compassion that speaks the truth and builds relationships at the same time.

In order to do that we need large doses of discernment from our God.

There are people who do not want good, they just don’t.

We can’t help them but we can love the rest, like the young woman at the rodeo last night.

As I left, I almost walked up to her and said “you deserve better than him, walk away, you’ll be fine.” But I didn’t want her drunk boyfriend beating the crap out of me in front of my new neighbors.

So I asked God to open her eyes and show her the truth.

What we have to remember is we are all children of God. He doesn’t make mistakes and the mess our so-called leaders have gotten us into is repairable.

But it won’t happen without our involvement.

We have to speak the truth.

If each one of us, in our social groups, families, churches, rotary meetings, began speaking up in kindness when we hear something we disagree with, change could begin.

You don’t have to spout off on social media and get in fights with every troll that comes on your page.

But when you disagree, stop hiding it and simply express your ideas and always leave some wiggle room for those you are sharing with.

I believe if we start focusing on good we can drowned out evil.

But evil has owned the stage for so long it won’t become the understudy without a fight.

Compassion, true compassion, is a mighty sword, perhaps it’s time we use it.

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5 comentarios

31 jul 2023

You make interesting reading. you write about “the mess our so-called leaders have gotten us into…” You write “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Are you saying that this is part of God’s plan?

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Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
01 ago 2023
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Jim, God allows people to dig holes. He even allows them to bury themselves in misery. Like a good parent, sometimes you have to allow people to make mistakes. Yes, none of this is a surprise to God. Is this how He wants us to be? Hell no. But unlike those in charge right now, he believes in choice. He allows us to choose good over evil. Unfortunately mankind has chose evil and this is the price we pay....

Me gusta

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
30 jul 2023

Agreed. (Exceot for the “the mess our so-called leaders have gotten us into…” part)

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
01 ago 2023
Contestando a

Yup. 😁

Me gusta
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