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Townsend Rocked The House

Townsend Home Run

Sponsor: Montana Oral Surgeons & Implant Center

Man, the folks in Townsend blew it out of the park last night with its opening concert for fair and rodeo week.

When we heard Adam Doleac was the headliner we looked him up and heard his songs and thought “man he’s good.”

Adam was “GREAT.”

He actually played a bunch of songs that we’ve heard, from him, on the radio. We just didn’t know it was he who was singing them.

There wasn’t a big crowd and he took the opportunity to play a song his group just wrote and really personalized the show.

You could tell the guy liked Montana and the crowd loved him.

Afterwards he even took time to have pictures taken with the audience and sign autographs.

In a few years this guy will probably be pretty big and might not have time or moments like that written into his contract.

I’m sure the folks who sponsored the concert had to pay more to get a guy like that here but it was worth it.

I’m sure when others in town, who did not come to the concert find out, they’ll wish they had.

It was a great night so congrats to those organizations who put on the event and to those who sponsor as well.

But an even bigger “high five” goes to the people who showed up.

Someday I bet we’ll all be saying “Remember when that guy came to Townsend?”

Now, get ready for the rodeo and fair that happens all weekend.

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