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To Live Fearlessly is a Choice

To Live Fearlessly Is A Choice

I made the mistake of listening to a podcast with David Goggins. You can look him up to find out more about him.

He was talking about failure as an attempt to do something not really failure.

How often do we allow fear to keep us from succeeding?

Growing up I don’t believe I was free to fail.

Failure was looked at as a bad thing not a tool to help us find out who we are.

Kathy and I were cross country skiing the other day.

We haven’t downhill skied in a few years.

So here we are on these tiny little skies and we came to a pretty big hill.

We looked at each other and side stepped part of the way down.

We came to another hill but this time we went down and fell.

The fall was nothing.

At that moment I had this epiphany about fear and how it throttled my success.

As the day went on we were flying down hills, fearlessly but more than that with purpose.

Goggins talks about challenges in life and how they’re a mind game.

He doesn’t worry what folks think of him or what they say he does what he needs to do with no fear.

The older I get the more I see my life as a mind game. My past, pretenders and the public aims to stifle my spirit to try to make me more like them.

People who live in fear hate the fearless.

But here’s the key, the more fearless you become the less you are like them and the more they attack. It’s just part of the game.

Your accusers are there to make you better.

It is none of our business what people think or why they are the way they are it’s our job to live the most authentic life we can live with an audience of one……God.

But to live fearlessly is a choice.

What keeps you from pushing through your fears?

Do you even know what you fear?

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I learned that there are over 300 variations of the command to, “fear not” throughout Scripture. Soooo.................what excuse will you give to God? - M

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