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Time To Take A Pause

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Time To Take A Pause

I hear some talk of the great reset and I’m starting to agree.

Maybe it’s time to not only turn back the clocks one hour but perhaps it’s time for a great reset or what I would call a “Great Pause.’

Some feel the need to divide and conquer in order to make change.

Oh, they’ve done a tremendous job, at least it looked like they were making headway.

They seem to want to destroy in order rebuild but they forgot something…

Instead of divide I think it’s time to reset and unite.

For those who want to stay on the path of destruction, you are free to do so but don’t expect the rest of us to join you.

I think this great “Divide” has backfired on the dividers.

Oh, they had us going during the “Dark Time” and boy did they do a lot of damage to families, friendships and morale in our country.

But the “Dividers” pushed too hard and for far too long.

We are a few days from an election that could create a massive reset but not the reset the “Divided Ones” had hoped for.

Our country was headed for disaster. Up is down and down, up.

Right became wrong and wrong turned into right, for some.

But the fog is lifting and people looking at this so called Progressive agenda are seeing it for what it is, a failure.

The hypocrisy is so raw only the blind fail to see it.

The censorship is what really killed the message. While the dividers snuggled up to their legacy media as their ears were tickled with ideas they agreed with, the rest of us found more information and dug a bit deeper. We scratched our heads and said something doesn’t add up because it doesn’t and it won’t.

So let’s welcome a great reset of sorts. But instead of blowing up everything, including the great things about our country, perhaps it’s time we put a pause on the progressive agenda and add our ideas to the mix.

There are some great ideas coming from all sides of the isle.

We need to add consistency to the mix. We need to eradicate hypocrisy and cheating. And for the sake of our country, start listening to each other and call out those who lie to us….yes lie.

Tuesday is huge.

Every, single, vote matters.

But even more powerful right now is prayer.

Let the “Great Pause” begin as we put the “Great Reset” on hold.

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