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Time To Rotate Ideological Crops Too

Time To Rotate the Crops

I’m no no farmer but live in the middle of a farming community.

Farmers grow alfalfa, seed potatoes and many other things.

But you don’t grow the same crop year after year, you have to switch it up in order to produce the best yields.

Crop rotation provides needed nutrition to the soil.

You have to mix it up, change things, try something new and not be afraid to bring out the heavy machinery to plow up what was in order to see better growth in the future.

This is the same with our cultural and political garden.

For decades, in Oregon, the same ideological crop has been planted, watered and cultivated over and over again.

People tried to introduce others crops, new ideas, old ideas but a super majority failed to see value in crop rotation and simply planted the same thing over and over.

Rural farmers put in their two-cents but were quickly silence by city dwellers who know little about actually growing things accept what they read in books.

Now that cultural crop is yielding little. Our schools are in the toilet, cost of living through the roof and woke is like a weed choking out the few productive crops in the field.

We have a chance to rotate the crops. The message holders will scream and claw to keep it from happening but my sense is many in Oregon see the current cultivation practices are yielding little and inaction will destroy us.

It’s time to bring out the plows, tractors and field equipment and till the soil.

We need to listen to those who understand how to grow things not those who peddle bad seed that refuses to germinate into anything of substance.

It is time to bring in the experts.

Let’s rotate the cultural crops and see what happens.

We need folks who understand the difference between real fertilizer and BS.

Fall is a time to allow things to die in preparation for the next growing season.

Are we willing to let things die?

Are we willing to try something new?

Are we willing to listen to those who understand how to grow something better or will we settle for another year of less than productive yields from a culture caught up in what sounds good rather than operating on sound principles.

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1 Comment

I agree! I am the heavy machinery and I have the ideological shift, I have presence and have a vision of the emerging future. Yet as per usual I’m being marginalized and pushed into conformity. But my feet are patiently planted facing another direction waiting for the batteries to die and the downloading to cease. It’s takes courage and curiosity to try things differently, we will see if Oregon is up for challenge of transformation.

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