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Time To Possess The Land

A Time To Possess.

I wonder that our nations apathy is being tested.

For decades many have sat back as one ideology owned the conversation.

Some ignored it thinking it’s too crazy to grab hold but not only did it grab hold it sealed the deal and blocked the rest of us from speaking out.

We waited too long and now the job of bringing back common sense is much more difficult.

God gives us ample opportunity to pick up pen and write interesting chapters in our story.

But often times we settle for comfort as the reasons not to do something stack up and our waiting on Him actually becomes apathy and frankly laziness.

This Saturday it will be one year since we hired a moving company to load everything we own into a 26 foot U-haul truck and a 12 foot trailer.

We drove our lives 1000 miles from home to a new place, Montana, with no home or real place to land.

It took months to find our new home.

We are still getting used to the move.

In Deut. 2:31 it says “I have begun to give….begin to possess.”

Maybe it’s time we all move?

Not from the place you live necessarily but from the apathy that says I can put me head in the sand and this will all go away.

It’s not going away without a fight.

I hear myself and others say things like “why isn’t anyone doing anything to stop this?” “How did we get to this place in our country?” We got here because we failed to see the signs. We didn’t move when God said move. We didn’t listen when the early signs of decay caused that tiny bit of pain that warned us something is/was wrong.

People are waking up but possessing the land, taking back territory is much harder once it’s been lost.

The good news is the time is right and regular folks like you and me refuse to put up with the deterioration.

There is a cost to pay and we know sticking your head out of the sand puts us in the line of fire. But to do nothing, to go with the flow, in the end is so much worse.

God says He has begun to give… so damn-it (my words) begin to possess.

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