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Recession: The Road To Regeneration?

A Movement Is Starting

Can you feel it?

People are waking up.

The sound of cotton candy dripping off our political leaders lips is no longer sweet but bitter and hard to swallow.

We want to trust.

We want to just let them do their job.

But we know that’s not gonna happen without movement on our part.

At first a lie tickles.

It says what our ears want to hear so we let the inconsistencies pass.

But soon “the lie” starts to sound like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Some, can put up with that noise for a while, others do whatever it takes to silence the noise.

Perhaps this is what it takes to wake up America.

Maybe we needed this “Jolt” to wipe away decades of apathy and get us all back into the game.

A friend told me just the other day he thinks apathy is the biggest problem in our country today and I agree with him.

So as the official recession begins we all have to pay more attention to, not only what is said but also what was said in the past as we must dig deeper to find intent.

I think we’re all a little nervous about what the future holds but I’m also excited to see people reinvigorated and paying attention.

A slippery slope doesn’t happen over night and it won’t change quickly either.

Many are concerned for their freedom in this country and the best way to restore freedom is to seek the truth.

The worst thing we can do is move forward in trepidation.

We must be firm, understand our foundation has cracks and then be brave enough to help fix them.

Oh, there will be trolls, bullies and detractors, but there always are.

Movements come with obstacles, obstacles are made to go around, so, let’s go.

Recession maybe the road to regeneration.

Refuse to take the off ramp, keep your foot on the pedal and don’t be afraid to pass those trying to slow you down when it’s safe to do so.

Here we go.

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