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Time For Pro-Choice.....Pro School Choice.

It’s Time For School Choice.

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My last straw was years ago.

It’s time school choice happen all across this nation.

It’s our money and we should be able to make our own choice as to where our kids go to school.

The class assignment in a Eugene 11th and 12th grade class may be a tipping point for many.

Apparently this assignment is part of the current curriculum in the Eugene School district.

Exploration of sexual fantasies is something I want my schools focusing on when they are near the bottom of the list in terms of education in the nation.

In places all over the country school choice is becoming a thing.

Why should parents pay for public school and a charter or private school.

If every parent had a choice, even folks on a budget would have their money to send their children to a school that focus’ on education not how to use a “flavored syrup” in a non sexual experience. WTH

When this assignment surfaced on the internet yesterday parents went nuts, as they should.

I called the district superintendent, sent the picture above, and the response from the school principal was that parents had the right at the beginning of the year to opt their kids out of the curriculum. So that tells me this is part of the curriculum and must be school board approved.

People are calling for the firing of the teacher. What I would do is cut this off at the top.

If you have a school board that signed off on this sort of BS, your problem is bigger than one teacher.

I’m guessing this is statewide curriculum but don’t know that for sure.

You have to ask yourself where is all the money you pay for public education going to crap like this?

Yep, it is.

So the first step is a new school board.

That way you show loud and clear what you think.

Then you go after the state system of education.

And in the process begin to talk and take action towards making Oregon a pro-choice state…..Pro School Choice that is.

Oregonians claim to be pro-choice so let’s put them to the test.

If your public schools, teachers union, governor, legislature and school boards want to promote this sort of BS in the schools let em.

But give the people a choice and the money they pay to go with it to go elsewhere.

Now is the time to make a change.

And let those who agree with this assignment do so but do not let them silence you because I think you are right.

Until Oregon can get its education numbers up, perhaps it should stop focusing on fantasy and focus on basic education.

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