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Timber, Fires & The False Narrative

Truth About Timber

It’s easy for people to buy into something that makes them feel virtuous and on the alleged “right side.”

The message becomes so strong and so ingrained, it doesn’t matter whether it makes sense or is factually accurate, as long as it feels good, that seems to be okay with some.

We don’t think so and have set out to tell the other side of the Timber Story.

What we think is the “Truth About Timber.”

You may disagree and that is your right.

But when facts and arguments don’t add up and the falsehoods begin to cost us money and quality of life, the general public seems more willing to listen to something else.

This is the third in a series of videos we are producing called “Truth About Timber.”

This link will take you to all of them, including our most recent on the fires.

Share this with people you know who might be interested in hearing the facts, please.

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