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Throw Caution To The Wind

Throw Caution To The Wind

You wake up in the morning.

You think of someone and want to say something kind.

It could be a friend, your wife, husband, partner, but you think “what if they don’t respond right?” “What if they think I’m going overboard?”

If we love and care for people why is caution even part of the equation?

As I sip my coffee I think why don’t I do that more often?

I think it may be the fear of how someone responds or doesn’t respond that keeps us from living and loving more deeply.

We don’t want to be hurt.

We don’t want to set our self up for failure so we simply push back the feeling and go for safe.

How much of our lives is lived this way, trapped in caution?

Too much I fear.

When that thought of sending a morning message to someone enters your heart, do it.

The temptation is to allow the brain to sanitize our emotion.

Sometimes sanitation is a good thing.

We need our brain and heart to work together for the good of our soul.

But when it comes to telling people we care about them I find the brain to be my enemy.

So I snap a picture of something that says “good morning” and send it off and throw caution to the wind.

Doesn’t everyone need to awaken to the idea that they matter?

I’ve got this crazy idea.

As you go through your day and someone comes to mind drop them a text, send a picture of something thoughtful or if you have a few minutes or make a few, ask them how they are doing.

The world is a cold, crazy place right now.

Perhaps small, simple steps like this can melt some of the ice.

Have a great weekend.

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