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They Just Don't Get It!

They Just Don’t Get It

I read an article in the New York Times trying to explain why Republican candidates are taking the lead in the midterms.

The writer continues to diminish what is happening out here. It’s clear from his/her opinion piece these folks live in a fog and fail to see Americans are REJECTING far left ideology. We don’t hate Democrats nor do we LOVE Republicans, but we align with common sense and their appears to be a vacuum in terms of sense in the current admin and it’s followers.

This does not mean folks like you and me don’t care about issues like climate change or abortion, we do care. We may not agree with their stand but we do care.

We care about democracy but have trouble swallowing the current administrations push when it had no problem squashing our democracy or concern for process during the pandemic.

The article leans on lowering gas prices as the D’s hope for the midterms but the author fails to understand many of us understand our oil reserves are being used by this administration as a lure and I hope American’s refuse to bite. Watch after the election prices will go back up and they hope we won’t notice.

What the administration and the media fail to understand is inflation is killing us. It’s huge for people out here in the land of the unimportant and while our president ignores the impact of his presidency as a direct cause, as he must, we don’t. It’s clear to us how we got into this mess and we aren’t buying his or the far left wing of his party and their public relations campaign to pull the wool over our eyes.

Many of the big issues for voters are direct results of the far, far left ideology and inaction to properly manage America. Defund Police=Rising Crime

Open Borders=Drug Deaths

Censorship=Misinformation, Mistakes, LIES.

Oh and don’t forget the places where homelessness is out of control, these are also predominately cities run by far left ideology.

We are done and hopefully people are starting to understand our vote is the best way to tell them, NO MORE.

I’ve always been like many in our country left at moments, right at times but the current policies and what I witnessed the last two years have pushed me into the right pretty solidly. Not because I agree with Republicans or even care about their party or our screwed up political system.

But crazy didn’t work. We need someone in charge who can dream and give vision for all of us not a group willing to push, prod and plunder anything that gets in their way to get their way.

Let’s do something.

What are the three top issues you are using to make your decision this election?

I think we should all make a list here and see, not what the NY Times or Biden Admin tries to convince us they are, but what they truly are to you.

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1 Comment

Nov 04, 2022

Rick, as you write "crazy" does not work. I agree. Whether it is on the political right or left. I write as a moderate who wants to see more moderate centrists-Republicans and Democrats in office. My three issues: those who deny election results with no proof; those who are racist and yell their hate for others (and then sometimes try to walk it back with, 'you did not understand me;' and thirdly, finding centrists who will support freedoms-not just the freedoms they want to practice.

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