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There is No Room For Apathy

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There’s No Room For Apathy This Time.

There is just too much at stake in our country to allow apathy a place at the table.

I’m seeing what looks like the beginning of a “pre get them scared about the virus” in the works.

Give me a show of hands as to whether you will fall for that again?

The race for president is well underway and what a sh-t show that’s turning out to be.

The economy, despite what Mr Bribe-em preaches, is on the verge of collapse.

The lies drip off the tongues of those who want to manipulate us, like syrup on a stack of pancakes.

Apathy, fear and ignorance are like three monsters lurking in the dark hallways of our soul.

They tempt us to look for easy answers.

They lure us into submission and tell us to ignore the signs and follow the leader.


You and I can change this.

We don’t have to play along.

It’s not “The Way It is” it’s the way we’ve allowed it to be.

I’m done.

Time to push back.

I was listening to an interview the other day and the host asked his audience about voting on the Republican ticket. Someone called in and said if Donald Trump isn’t the nominee I’m not voting. The host just ripped into the guy for good reason.

There is too much at stake this time around to be stupid and not vote simply because “your guy” doesn’t make the final spot.

Not only is that selfish it’s arrogant.

If this guy follows through what he is actually doing is casting a vote for Joe Bribe-em and I can’t think of a worse scenario for our country.

It’s too bad we’ve let the party system run our nation into the ground. We need more candidates like Vivek Ramsaswamy and RFK Jr. in the mix. I know both are in the race but the way it’s set up it will take a miracle (and I’m willing to pray for one) to get one of them in the presidency.

I think a lot of us see that 1176 moment Ramsaswamy talks about in his speeches. Not a violent uprising but a revolution of common sense, American values and putting our priorities back in line instead of allowing fringe groups to own the conversation.

The party followers are losing their grip. Their “facts” don’t add up and the general public, who takes its lips off the legacy media nipple, crave meat not milk.

We don’t want your lies we want the facts. We the people can handle the truth.

I admit the whispers of covid restrictions coming back scare me. No, I’m not gonna do it but so many thrive in the grasp of fear and we saw how they used bullying, manipulation and lies to suck people in.

The economic forecast for next year looks grim and that to causes strife in my soul.

My prayer is that God would bring back common sense. That He would restore critical thinking skills and destroy this apparent need by 50% of our population to be coddled.

There is something better coming if we can only dig deep and do the right things.

There’s no room for stupid this time around.

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