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The Truth in Consequences

People Can Change

People can change if they want to.

Yes, they need to be given a chance but discerning the difference between chance and enabling is where relationship comes in.

Nick is a friend of mine who will tell you jail is what got him to a place where he could clean up and clear up his thoughts.

Oh, he didn’t change the first time he went to jail, it took several times, and along the way deputies, police, clergy and others gave him hope by seeing something in him that was willing to change.

Many of the friends I have who have spent time in jail, deal with addiction and struggle to get their lives straightened out will tell you real consequences is what finally got their attention and put them in a place to change.

Oregon seems to be hesitant to punish wrongful acts. Heck, even using the word punish will bring on the attacks.

Consequences are part of life and without them how many people like Nick would still be dealing with addition or living on the streets.

It’s something we as a society need to look at.

No, locking everyone away is not the solution but allowing consequences and being firm, seems to have helped so many, I think it’s worth a try.

Here’s a clip from an interview we did with Nick a few weeks ago.

You can also find the entire interview on our youtube page or website

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