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The Streisand Effect

The Streisand Effect?

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Have you guys heard about this?

The Streisand effect is a phenomenon where attempts to hide or suppress information actually result in increased publicity and awareness of that information. It’s like trying to cover up a secret only to have it plastered all over the front page of a newspaper. The term was coined after American singer and actress Barbra Streisand tried to suppress photos of her Malibu mansion, which only led to more people seeking out and sharing those very photos. So, the lesson here is: sometimes the more you try to hide something, the more attention it gets.’

And apparently she did it again.

She tried to get people not to buy the New York Post claiming the post is lying about President Biden.

Turns out her post had the exact opposite effect and people rushed to buy the paper.

I think this is the problem the far out left is finding itself in right now.

They are pushing so hard and so mean against Trump, they are pushing people towards the former president rather than away from him.

To stand on the outside and look in you wonder why they can’t see it?

I guess when you have no record to stand on you find what you can, stretch it and go with it.

It’s interesting our culture blurs the lines between truth and lies.

It’s trying to determine for you and me what is good and what is evil but we know.

If you are running against another person why even use their name?

You can point out their flaws but instead of focusing on them tell us, the people, what you are going to do to make our lives better. Oh, and you also might want to stop speaking out of both sides of your mouth. You know, you can do something questionable but your opponent can’t….we see through it at least the polls indicate most of us do.

We are usually our own worst enemy.

We are taught hate blinds and anger is a bad state of mind in which we make good decisions.

And yet the far out left continues with its tactics and the polls show America is rejecting their manipulation and standing behind Trump.

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1 Comment

"I guess when you have no record to stand on you find what you can, stretch it and go with it."

No record to stand on???

Biden accomplished more in four months than trump accomplished in four years

Once again, you are using Projection, Mr. Dancer. Are you trying to convince us or yourself?

As recently stated by a respected political pundit, in 10-15 years nobody will admit they supported the vile, racist, bigoted conman grifter named trump...

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