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The Storm Is Here

A Storm Is Here

I awoke this morning to the pounding thunder and flashing of light outside my bedroom.

The hole house shook and rattled and sleep was finished for the night.

My mind recognized the analogy of the storm and what I see happening to our country.

The storm isn’t coming the storm is here.

Ideologies crashing, creating sparks and friction between red and blue states and in the path of destruction, relationships, families and the country as we knew it.

People I once called friends no longer talk with me.

I guess to disagree and see the world differently and talk about it openly, is grounds for excommunication from the “faith.”

A friend who sides blue wrote to me the sadness she feels not feeling comfortable in a red state anymore and how the vice-versa is true for those who lean more red. Oh, we still communicate we have too much in common to go through the “societal divorce.”

As the truth emerges out from under a pile of lies we find it even more difficult to find what we used to call “common ground.”

Today I think common ground is an old fable.

Common ground gets used by one side to appease the other just long enough to own the conversation and crush the opposition?

Lies tend to tattle on the liar. The results become all too obvious but liars twist meanings, make excuses and spin the yarn of public relations too far for some but just enough to appease the followers.

But you can’t hide the results.

The economy, the stock market, your 401k and on and on.

So here we are in the middle of a storm, the signs all around us, and most of America (according to the

polls) fed up and ready to clean house with representatives willing to take a stand.

But will we?

I’ve been criticized by some for leaving my home state, now the darkest blue one can imagine and moving to a red one.

I do not care.

We each have a calling and place we are to be.

I didn’t run away from anything I ran to freedom.

If I’m going to be in a storm I want to be in a place where my voice counts, is not talked over and where I still have a say.

And the Peace of mind we experience here is something we had forgotten could even be. True freedom is priceless and oppression and tyranny the closest thing to Hell you can get on this earth.

While some draw lines others continue to blur them.

It is up to us to seek the truth not the comfort of soft, meaningless words.

I have more person thoughts that I will put on a video on my website only.

Social media isn’t fond of those who follow an unscripted, culturally sensitive message.

But that doesn’t mean it can stop us from speaking the truth.

If you choose to go there you do it at your own risk.

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Aug 24, 2022

I agree with you about how bad it can be when people stop communicating when we have political or cultural disagreement. This is harmful to us all. I am glad your new site does not cancel or eliminate posts. I would never disagree with you about leaving your home state. I did the same years ago and find happiness, not oppression, in Oregon. For me, oppression is what women endure in places like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, or what is happening in eastern Ukraine under Russian occupation, for two of many possible examples. Stock market in bad shape? I don't see it that way. The Dow and the S&P are up significantly in the two years of Biden's presidency. I'…


Blind leading the blind and compliant gets you to where we are. Bible talks about " in those days........." and those days are here. As a kid I marveled at the Disney Arctic film that showed Lemmings blindly following and jumping into the ocean in mass. Only a few went against the flow and survived. Great analogy for our country at the moment. - M

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