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The Stories You Can't Forget

The Stories That Stick With You

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When you’re a journalist you meet lots of people.

Quite often you are meeting those people in one of their worst moments.

I wish I’d written down every story I ever reported when it happened but I didn’t.

I remember taking a babysitter home one time, we pulled up to her house and I said: “Did you know a guy was murdered in your house? His body was found right there in your front yard.” Okay, not the best thing to say to a 17 year old but it was true.

The young woman who will appear on our podcast/video show tonight is someone I met when she was 16 years old…..23 years ago.

She was part of a series on teen suicide.

She lived in Pleasant Hill and had tried three times, to take her life.

Something about her stuck with me.

A few years later I was the speaker at a graduation ceremony in Pleasant Hill.

I got up to start the speech when I saw the face of a young woman in the audience and couldn’t shake the feeling that I knew her.

I fumbled around on stage trying to get my groove but that face haunted me.

Finally it hit me, Marci.

I dumped my prepared speech, looked her in the eye and said “Marci, we’re so glad you’re here.”

That became the entire message of hope I gave to those kids that night.

It was one of the most powerful speeches I have ever given.

Afterwards she and I talked and she told me how she didn’t want to come to the ceremony.

Her mom said to her Rick Dancer will be there.

Marci said “he won’t even remember who I am.”

She was right and wrong.

God knew what Marci needed and put her name on my tongue.

It meant the world to her and to me.

Through the years we have run into each other.

It’s always as though she is my long lost daughter.

Marci is a powerful, raw, in your face, honest young woman (now 39) and I hope her story blesses you as much as it’s blessed me.

I’m a strong believer in the idea God puts people in our lives to help us, challenge us, awaken us and to humble us.

If we fail to take the bait we miss out on so much.

I was just a reporter doing my job.

Turns out something eternal was also happening.

God help remember today that each person I run into could be a future Marci.

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