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The Snake Cloaked in Compassion

Snake Cloaked In Compassion

I’ve been struggling lately.

Struggling to care, struggling to really speak out, struggling to stay involved.

When I run I tend to think more clearly.

I’m in pain, I need to put one foot in front of the other, and God has my undivided attention.

The world troubles me greatly.

Evil is alive and well in our world, always has been, but this is a new kind of evil and it’s dangerous.

Now, my critics will grab onto that and throw the usual darts and labels my direction.

Their problem is I don’ t care.

Oh, I will listen to those who want to share but to the takers and stiflers my attention is not for sale.

You mock, I’m gone, it’s that simple.

I understand fear.

Boy do I understand what fear can do and how it can be used.

Wasn’t it Rosevelt who said the only thing to fear is fear itself ?

I can’t imagine what you’d go through if you bought into all that was told to us and then discovered you’d been fooled.

All the people you tried to cancel. All those you shunned for not agreeing with you.

The people you put out of work.

The nurses and state workers you helped fire.

That’s a lot to accept.

It’s much easier to dig in and hold onto the lie.

Sometimes I have to pull back a bit.

Not because I think silence is good, in fact I think silence is deadly.

But I get tired and if I’m being real there are days I just don’t care anymore.

This morning a read a passage in a book I read in the morning.

It soften my soul just enough to hear what Jordan Peterson was saying on his podcast.

It’s interesting when we pay less attention to the noise and clamoring cymbals on social media, that still small voice of God becomes more audible.

He speaks through the wind, through other people and through the two bald eagles I mention in the video.

In the video I posted with this are more of my thoughts.

I think it’s time we all ask more questions.

And when the answers sound hollow and lifeless that’s because they are.

I don’t know what happens next but my run along Canyon Ferry told me, silence is not the answer.

The next thing is already manifesting itself.

Watch out for the snake for it is cloaked in compassion.

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