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The Smell Test Damnit?

Do The Smell Test

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I watch the polls, listen to commentators talk about current events, I don’t watch the news.

But, with all the information that’s out there I wonder when culture lost its’ smell test?

You know, that little voice in the back of your head that says “bullshit.”

It is unbelievable what people choose to swallow and what they choose to throw up.

We seem to have lost the mechanism that tells us “hurry, gag now!”

What scares me about all of it is how easily humans can be and are manipulated and how quickly we throw our freedom out the window in trade for a warm blanket of false comfort.

As I was running yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about the hypocrisy ruling our nation right now. Even more frightening is how easily some have accepted the lies for truth and how quickly a pass is given to criminal behavior when it has the correct letter in front of the name.

Maybe that’s why God tells us there is no hierarchy with sin.

Murder, lying, stealing….it’s all the same.

Humans love to give scales to wrong behavior but God doesn’t.

How long will we as a people allow ourselves to wallow in lies and deceit?

We get what we get so perhaps we deserve it.

People don’t take the time or make the effort to check out their facts.

They find something that tickles the ear and run with it.

One of the good things I think that is coming from this is a large group of fairly silent people, are waking up, speaking up and done with all of it.

This really isn’t, for me at least, about Trump or even Biden.

It’s about us.

We got ourselves into this mess and rather than think ourselves out of it we follow their game plan and talk about which one is the worst.

What if we looked for someone better?

Not just a candidate but someone inside ourselves willing to step up and do something?

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people younger than us have been programmed to believe the BS as fact. It is our generation, our parents, and grandparents' generations who have allowed this to happen by apathy. As for finding someone, the average person cannot afford to run for any government position, city state or federal. Yes, some are waking up, however, I fear not enough soon enough. Furthermore, all the information channels are set up for the dissemination of misinformation and false information. When someone does speak up stating anything against the establishment powers they are beaten down or drowned out. The stench is terrible sadly to most it smells like the sweet fragrance of their own bouquets

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