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The Sleeping Giant “Woke” Up

In Montana it seems every mountain range has a formation that looks like what they call a “Sleeping Giant”.

That got me thinking:

Our colleges and universities used to teach students to think for themselves, now they teach them what to think.

Our education system was once a place of exploration now it’s a place of indoctrination.

I had a conversation with a former judge from Oregon last night on my Get Real with Rick Dancer show where we talked about the loss of compromise.

The middle is no longer the goal the far extreme left and right simply want to win.

I call bullshit on their bullshit.

A recent article showed in Oregon the Non-affiliated voters in Oregon surpassed those who label themselves Republican a few years ago but now the dark navy blue state actually has more non-affiliated voters than it does blue (democrats). Now part of that is the Democrats own fault for pushing motor-voter but that’s for another blog.

What that tells me is Oregonians are done.

It’s time the people of Oregon find leaders who still seek the art of negotiation and compromise. This winner takes all mentality is not Oregon it’s ugly, destructive and childish.

Many call themselves progressive but how is it truly progressive to cancel those who disagree with you instead wouldn’t that actually be regressive? Words matter and what they mean don’t change just because you want them too. Working together is still the goal not working together as long as you agree with me….that’s called intolerance.

This judge and I both agree, most Oregonians want to find solutions not more reasons for polarization. Can we get back to that kind of Oregon? What choice do you really have? This current mentality is not sustainable and will destroy the very fabric of the community.

This change will not be easy. When one group of people have owned the conversation for decades, showing them we want back in the mix will not be done without a fight. But I think Oregonians watched what happened during COVID and will not allow history to repeat itself.

The good news is cultures woke-ness, woke the mass’ and the mass’ will not go back to sleep easily…..or be lured into a false sense of security thinking government will take care of them.

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