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The Silence is Broken

The Silence Is Broken

There seems to be a change in attitude in terms of the narrative as it relates to everything from the economy, to climate change, even the vaccine.

Eyes are opening.

But as they do the liars will push harder but we have a choice.

Part of this, for me personally, is because I live in Montana where the old “Live and Let Live” mentality is alive and well.

But I think it’s more than that. I’m seeing doctors, shunned by the media and cultural monitors a year-and-a-half ago, are now being printed in the New York Times.

I’m reading more inconsistencies in the debate over the environment. Facts have a way of ripping the scab off misinformation and at some point things just don’t add up. The question is will culture hang on to the stories out of embarrassment or will followers humble themselves and ask more questions.

I’m not an Elon Musk worshipper but the guy has the money and the will to expose what looks like just the tip of the iceberg in terms of liars and collaborators and at some point the deniers accusations tell us more about them as the covers they hide under get ripped off.

Every day some healthy, younger adult, is dropping dead and the body count is being noticed. People who used to scream at me online are asking questions and those who labeled me anti-this and anti-that are strangely silent.

As the lies are exposed the reality of cultures reaction to fear becomes more evident.

Shortly before “The Dark Time” started Kathy and I were studying, with our business coach at the time, the power of fear.

Those lessons prepared us for what was ahead.

As I sit here in Missoula, Montana thinking about all that has transpired since March of 2021, I find myself in admiration of all those who took great risk to speak up when culture was trying to shut them up and get them to climb into the water and follow the tide of comfort and control.

I was listening to an expert in childhood trauma on a podcast the other day talk about what happens to the mind when fear cripples us.

We want comfort and safety and will do what we have to to preserve both. And yet, learning to live in discomfort is what builds strong people, people who thrive, survive and then revive that which is destroyed.

When I lived in Oregon it felt like the whole world had fallen under a spell of fear. I no longer feel that way because it hasn’t.

Headlines change when you get outside the bubble.

People are coming together despite what the legacy media tries to sell to attract readers/viewers.

The Christmas Season is about rebirth, hope and living in peace, the exact opposite of “The Dark Time.” I don’t know what 2023 is going to bring but I do know some will continue to hang on to the fear and wait for the next shoe to drop.

I can’t live that way and to fear the unknown is a choice and the pathway to disaster.

This week I interviewed a young man who had a pretty rough life but when his daughter handed him a marble and said how do they make that, his life was reignited. His story did the same for me.

Learning to live in discomfort is one of the secrets of life. Being fearless is what makes that possible.

The cultural tide may refuse to turn but you and me? We have have the freedom to choose, yes, even still.

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Dec 16, 2022

Rick you covered a lot today. I’m not remaining ”strangely silent “ and I see it differently. 4 comments: 1, “doctors once shunned now printed in The NY Times.” I’d like to learn more-give me a couple of references to read. In what context were they printed? just to write that they were printed means little. 2, “inconsistencies in the debate over the environment.” I think this is important-can you show is places this comes up so we can learn more? 3, “every day some healthy younger adult is dropping dead,” if this is a reference to the film you linked to earlier—it was way short on meaningful details. People have been‘dropping dead’ for eons. Are you alleging that covid…


Headlines change when you get off the west coast and away from the brainwashed masses.

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