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The Rebel Inside

What Happened to the Rebels?

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Someone passed along a video that really struck me.

The guy reads off a bunch of movies where people would picture themselves as the rebels but then he points out how most people walk out of the theater unchanged, they are followers.

How did America become a nation of followers?

Maybe we always have been and the last few years has uncovered the truth about our laziness?

When did we decide its okay to allow politicians, movie stars and the media to set the agenda rather than us demanding they follow us?

When you watch a movie do you imagine yourself to be a hero?

When you see the crowd following the villain do you see yourself in the crowd or standing out doing the right thing?

I would hope you see the hero.

We are all capable of heroic acts but people, come on, we’ve allowed “Them” to divide us and now the very things we preach against, we are becoming.

When it comes to real life we’d rather be comfortable than formidable.

There are people called “first adopters” and then there are the rest of the crowd.

Most people hate to rock the boat so they sit in the background, read the crowd and respond accordingly.

“The Dividers” know this about humanity and use it to gain power and money.

We can change this!

We really can.

But it will mean finding something that unites us.

Change is and will be difficult.

We will have to do things culture is not going to like but culture is not our definer we are and our nation, while not perfect, is better than most.

To those crowd-dwellers, who would rather see our country fall apart, please leave.

You only have one life and I’d hate to see you waste it in a place you hate.

As for the rest of us we need to find that rebel buried in our soul.

You know, the hero whose light went out when totalitarian leaders shut us down, divided us, masked us and lied to us about who we are as a country.

We need to remind ourselves why this nation is worth fighting for.

If we don’t we’ll loose it.

Remember, it was a pioneer spirit (yes I said Pioneer) that made us the greatest country in the world….mistakes an all.

If you think America owes you something, you are dead wrong.

If you think our nation has made mistakes you are right but throwing it all away is no way to redemption…that’s the easy way out and you know it.

That’s not the rebel spirit, that’s not a pioneer, that attitude is your pathway to destruction.

So, move over, a change is coming.

If you’re waiting to see how your neighbors respond you will miss it.

Be a rebel.

Lets go.

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Rick you make good points, those all over the board think you speak to them. “Light went out when totalitarian leaders…” left and right think it applies to the other side.

I don’t think it is the role of movie stars to follow us. And YouTube stars want to influence everyone…and you are on YouTube, so are you saying “everyone follow me to become an independent patriot pioneer? “ I’m confused.


To those MAGA extremests (and the majority of Republicans) who would rather see our country fall apart, please leave.

Replying to

Projection, as usual...

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