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The Questions Should Bother THEM

If Questions Make People Nervous….Good

Inconsistencies and head scratching moments seem to be the norm these days.

Do you find yourself listening to the headlines thinking “Are you kidding me?”

You are not alone.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet, if you get beyond the perception being played by culture, most of us see lines being crossed that make no sense,

This is a good thing,

We need to understand perceptions verses truth.

For me, my moral compass is God.

When something sounds off I research.

When hypocrisy gets in the way I dig deeper.

Politicians are great at painting a picture to create a perception to give them power.

But when big named podcasters and scientists start asking hard questions, you know the game is coming to a close.

Oh, don’t expect the elite to change their message.

Lies gave them the power and pulling the wool over the eyes of their followers works so they’ll keep doing it.

But for the rest of us, the truth is beginning to purge the perception painted by those who have an agenda.

We must never stop asking questions even when it brings threats, hate and tactics brought on by evil.

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1 Comment

I think asking the hard questions is great; I just wish we'd get real and honest answers. That seems to be the more difficult part.

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