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The Power Is Ours, Will We Use It?

The Power Is Ours Will We Use It?

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We have the power to make change in this country, we really do.

For decades now, the Progressive left has pushed us in the direction of a nanny state.

They disguised it as “bleeding hearts” but in fact it’s irrational ignorance.

Any of us who’ve raised children know at some point tough love must engage.

Everyone does not get a trophy because everyone is not number one.

I remember as a child whining to my parents about how something wasn’t “Fair.”

My parents response was always life isn’t fair and isn’t that the truth.

I experienced the unfairness of life when I had cancer 13 years ago.

I live a pretty healthy lifestyle and try to take care of myself, but i still got cancer.

I remember in the early days I’d see someone smoking and it bugged the hell out of me.

I took care of myself and they were tempting fate and fate knocked at my door not theirs.

I had get over that and understand, life throws us all curve balls, it’s what we do with them that tells of who we are.

Culture is in the toilet.

From Toxic male BS to people causing some to believe the sky is falling and the earth is crumbling, fear generates followers and these special cause groups are leading us down a road of destruction.

The message controllers use manipulation and canceling techniques as they strive to keep facts out of the conversation.

The hypocrisy of it all is out of control and the media plays into it because most in it are not smart enough to dig a little deeper than the AP headline they get on the wire service.

But we don’t have to live like that.

There are sources of information that are FINALLY rising to the surface that seem to be choking out and exposing some of the lies.

We do have the power to change this but not if we keep listening to the usual sources.

I highly recommend podcasts like Joe Rogan who ins’t afraid to ask questions. Also, Jordan Peterson and the guests he brings on his show.

Don’t believe the misinformation the messengers try to spew about either.

Peterson is smart, inquisitive and digs deeper into the topics and as a clinical psychologist, so he recognizes the underlying causes of mass psychosis that goes behind much of what we are experiencing by the so-called experts.

Tonight on our video podcast Get Real With Rick Dancer, we’ll discuss some of these topics with a good friend of mine who is not afraid to speak his mind.

Plus Bill Lundun from KPNW will join us to uncover some of the stories going on in the world that the legacy media has no shovel to dig for.

Go make it a good day.

And remind yourself, this too will pass and the day of reckoning is coming.

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1 Comment

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Mar 23, 2023

Speaking of Nanny States, have you been paying attention to what's going on in Florida? Your possible new republican Fearless Leader gives new meaning to (extreme) Nanny State. Such hypocrisy, Rick...

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