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The Other "F" Word

Faithful, The Other “F” Word

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A friend said to me the other day, “why don’t you just take the day off and go do life?”

It was a simple phrase but the depth with which it touched my soul still astounds me.

We all have these little voices in our heads, at least I hope it’s not just me, that whisper “F” words in our heads….Failure, Fool, F-ck-up.

In the wise words of Mother Teresa we are not called to be successful we are called to be faithful.

Another friend, Richard Gorsuch, was on the show the other night and in the middle of the conversation whisper “faith, Rick, it’s all about faith.”

He is the same man who 20 years ago told me to go find the thing that makes me come alive and come alive.

At 63 I still struggle with the failure thing.

Success is such a big deal in our world but is it real or just something we force people to see?

Perhaps the door I need to open is not one leading to success but a door that leads to peace and the ability to take life less seriously by having the faith to know I’m on the path, not your path, my path and where it leads I won’t know until I get there.

“Faithful” yep that’s how I want to be.

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1 Comment

We are called to be faithful. Faithful to God's Word, even when it is unpopular. Faithful to walk everyday with Him as our leader even though we may not fully grasp where He is leading us. Faithful in the knowledge that His definition of success is all that matters even when we don't fit the world's definition. Stay faithful, brother. - M.

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