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The New Voices of Reason

The New Voices

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Statistics show most of us turn off when we turn on politics.

POV is you and I are done with the whole charade.

For more than two centuries politicians in this country have owned the conversation.

We The People got left behind a long time ago.

But a new era is emerging from the grumblings of people like you and me.

We expect more the question remains will we demand it?

What I’m hearing bantered about is a new non-party of people like you and me referred to as the Radical Middle.

Rhetoric and politicians doublespeak falls flat with us.

We’re not left or right but want facts that aren’t dressed up to make us feel good but facts that point us to the truth.

We yawn when our questions are brushed aside or poked fun at.

We know better and care more about answers than being liked by those who used to own the conversation.

We are a new breed with voices that won’t be silenced but are willing to listen, learn and lead.

Ah, the likes of us has not been heard from in a long time.

But we will be heard now.

It’s an uneasy but exciting time to be alive.

We were created for a time as this and everything is on schedule.

Don’t fight but listen.

Do your homework and find other truth seekers and stay away from those who follow.

It is time.

No more apathy.

No more despair.

No more silence.

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