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The Mighty Fall

The Mighty Fall

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There’s a sort of desperation out there amongst some to silence those who disagree.

Then along comes Elon Musk and something breaks.

Many fell silent when the censorship kicked in during “The Dark Time.”

They made excuses for the muzzling of alternative information siding with the narrative makers because it appears some like the comfort of being told what to do more than figuring it out for themselves.

The social media giants are falling.

FB, IG and Twitter laying off thousands as people flee the platforms.

Control is an interesting monster.

At first it’s sold as safe, prudent and protection but it doesn’t take long to see it is anything but and often times by the time the mass’ see the cost of control the roots are deep and the cultural protection of the muzzle becomes intwined in virtue.

For me, and this doesn’t have to be your opinion please remember that, the apathy associated with this past election shows American’s are done with the bullshit.

I hate apathy and think it leads to destruction.

But apathy also reveals a side of culture ready to give up in some ways but if you examine it closely it’s also a path of resistance of sorts.

At some point you just stop…..

To disengage with the cultural crazy cult, you stop listening, distance yourself from insanity, and go against the tide of destruction.

I think a lot of us are getting there.

We don’t care what you think is the answer?

Your definition of right and wrong isn’t mine.

I saw a post from the Linn County Sheriff in Oregon saying he will not enforce Oregon’s latest crazy gun law and I smiled.

Maybe that’s the next step.

Let the world spin its tale and build it’s story but that doesn’t mean we have to go along with it.

We don’t have to abide by the whims of stupidity.

Sure, there’s a cost, there’s always a cost.

Look at what “they” do when you step outside the imaginary lines they create.

Elon Musk isn’t backing down.

Here’s the thing; Freedom of Speech isn’t dead.

It’s just that it’s been a long time since anyone has had to fight to keep it.

This is our battle.

On this Veteran’s Day I guess we each get to decide what we are willing to fight for.

I look what men and women have done to protect my right to write what I just put on this computer screen and I’m touched and thankful.

Maybe now it’s my turn, not with weapons like they did, but digging deeper to find the bravery it takes to step over the enemy line and into the land of the unknown.

When you see a veteran today, thank them for what they did and then decide for yourself what you are willing to put up with and how far you are willing to go to fight for it.

It being “FREEDOM”

Tune into Get Real With Rick Dancer tonight at 5pm PT and meet an amazing Veteran named Roland Heaton. He will truly warm your soul.

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Rick, you say "censorship kicks in," yet platforms, be they print media, TV media-for whom you worked for years- or electronic platforms have always chosen what to print/publish. Nothing new here. Free speech in America has always been alive (unless it is to yell "Fire" in a crowded theater or threaten to harm someone.) You write Elon is not backing down. Hard to tell since he zigs and zags hourly it seems. (The Russian army calls it a strategic retreat.) One day laying off people, the next hiring them back. One day saying "the bird is free" the next saying Twitter won't become a "hellscape" and then entreating advertisers not to leave, oh well, the examples are legion. Twitter laid…


Dan, I was hoping your reply would be on issues rather than vague and personal insults.


I left FB long ago when I got put in timeout over a mean Obama post but yet, there were pics all over the place of Kathy Griffin holding the mock severed head of Trump that were allowed. In the parlance of my late grandfather, "That dog don't hunt."

Twitter and IG were never an option.


Authority beyond that which is absolutely necessary and lust for control over people always leads to corruption and unrealistic expectations-based oppression. I know some will have a problem with this, but according to the stats, the institutional church, which is built on 2000 years of human made, multi-layered, religious rites and traditional muck, and relies on a largely human manufactured, unbiblical authority structure, is one of the institutions that people have begun seeing through and fleeing. This is not to be confused with fleeing God, His Son, or the truth that belongs to them.


My neighbor has this plywood cutout of a raised fist that says "RESIST", proudly displayed on their house. It went up in the Trump presidency. But, maybe that's what we all have to start doing. Resist the efforts to silence our voices, the Constitution, and our God given rights and freedoms. - M

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