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The Menu: Recipe For Disaster

The Menu” A Recipe For Disaster

A group of rich folks are invited to a private restaurant on an island for dinner but the meal will be their last.

“The Menu” is a new movie I highly recommend but it’s pretty creepy too.

At one point in the film Kathy leaned over and said, “Oh, my gosh this reminds me of the reaction to COVID.”

I don’t want to ruin the movie but I do want to draw the ties I see.

Slowly the guest at this restaurant get a sense that something is not right.

But rather than listen to that small voice they make up excuses so the lie expands.

As it does, it becomes more and more obvious that this evening is not going to end well.

At one point a guy shoots himself in the head, right there in the restaurant and everyone at first is shocked but soon talk themselves into believing this is all part of “The Evening.”

One woman catches on from the start. She’s onto the scheme and the schemers know it and try to silence her.

But she refused to be silent.

At one point in the film, the crazy chef, also the killer, says to the guests, you saw this coming and you didn’t do anything about it and now it’s too late.

In the end the guests are so worn down they accept what is going to happen. Control and fear prevail. You walk out of the movie understanding how that can happen but also wondering how it got that far.

Then my mind goes back to the early days of the pandemic.

Remember when our barbers wore surgical scrubs, rubber gloves, duct tape, masks and a face shield.

My tattoo artist had to do the same.

Today it’s almost embarrassing to remind ourselves of how far we let this get.

Many of us felt this was over the top and ridiculous and now the science backs us.

But those who then screamed for science now seem to ignore its revelations.

I saw it announced Oregon Governor Kate Brown has COVID.

One of the overreaction deniers quickly piped in when someone mentioned the foolishness of Browns lockdowns. The commenter said what they always say “it’s not about you it was about saving lives.”

We’ll now even that is being called into question. Experts are asking did it, how many and seeing the outcomes, was it worth it.

Now some don’t believe we should ask such questions and that is why we are in the predicament we are in socially, educationally and financially.

Also, more information is coming out questioning the medical response…all of it.

“The Menu”, if not questioned is a recipe for disaster. I’d like to think we learn from moments like these but I’m afraid we don’t.

Thank God for the questioners, for the ones who just asked why, over and over again.

No telling how many lives were saved by looking at the ingredients on the menu not just listening to what the chef told us to taste.

For those who would like to read a little more try this article.

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I try not to weigh in on this issue too much, but OK Rick, you have moved me to do so. I agree with you about the Covid response, but to be fair, the actions taken were from the position of orthodox medical science conservatism. That is a lot to unpack. For starters, we should never let one discipline or point of view (such as orthodox medical science conservatism) dictate public policy. Why? because medical science is continually evolving as theories are proven wrong. Many theories are based on best guesses on how to treat something new based on what worked on something similar in the past. Given that, we should never go "all in" on something that unsure. The…

Nov 20, 2022
Replying to

The way I remember it, there were several points of view-conservative medical view which recommended serious restrictions (and hundreds of thousands died of Covid including medical personnel in overwhelmed hospitals while caring for the sick) vs those who said, "it is just the common cold folks" and "America's front line doctors who talked of alien DNA." There were many Covid deniers who died of Covid. I remember reading that much of the restriction was to protect the frail and elderly--a pro-life argument, I think.

Secondly, I am agreeing about personal freedom and accountability. And I wonder if someone ignores recommendations for safety and gets sick or injured, does that person go to the hospital and demand to be treated? How…

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