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The Lonely Road

The Road To Dependability

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Hit a bit of a rough patch in my life.

Late Fall & early Winter tend to do that.

Things that are intended to die start to die.

Death never happens without some pain to get you there.

I pick up my devotional, Streams in the Desert, and the first words I read are: “God wants people He can depend on.”

Man isn’t that a mouthful?

We live in a world on the brink of war.

So many things are just messed up right now.

A lot of us are feeling vulnerable, exhausted and nauseated all at the same time.

I just finished a book about the Salem Witch Trials.

It reminds me so much of what is going on right now.

Oh, our stakes are different and the burning is through words, but the end result is the same….lives are being destroyed in the name of evil.

Being let down is part of the human condition.

God allows this stuff to refine us, to grow us up, so that we are stronger and more able to handle the load He designed for us.

Those of us with trust issues have a hard time depending much on the people around us anyway.

I’m sure a good therapist could dig around and figure out why. :)

The truth is people are not very dependable, we are too human, too selfish.

I’m searching around in my brain to find something positive to leave you with but can only come up with this.

God is looking for people He can depend on and sometimes, often times that means, allowing us to see there is only one who we can put that kind of trust in….and that is Him.

So, suck it up, blow it off and lift it up to Him.

Be Still And Know that He is God.

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1 commentaire

Amen to the steadfastness of our God, Rick. Enjoy the week! - M

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