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The Heart Of My Father

(Full Interview with Marci Available starting October 19th 5pm PT)

The Heart Of My Father

I awoke from a dream where I was sitting on the floor, my arm propped on God’s leg and we were talking.

He said to me “Rick, what’s bothering you?”

I said: “God I have this new friend who’s having a real tough time right now.” “I know He said and I’m on it.”

“What else Rick?”

“Kathy and I moved to Montana because you wanted us to right?” God said “Yes, this is all part of the plan.”

“We don’t feel settled where we are.” “You won’t, God said this is just a stopping place a place to get your feet on the ground in a new land. Rick, I have so much more planned for you two, hold on.”

“I was listened to a podcast ,to stories of how lonely the new generation is. How girls are cutting themselves, injuring themselves…I don’t understand.”

I looked up and saw a tear well up in God’s eye, run down his cheek and splash into a pool of water building up around His feet.

God, I said “people are so mean to each other right now. No one is listening to one another. People are scared, angry, I’m scared and angry. Sometimes I feel hopeless.”

I looked up and two more tears ran down his cheek landing in the pool of water that was getting deeper by the moment.

I was starting to ramble about the country, the reaction to the pandemic, the fear people have and on and on.

“Rick, He said: none of this is getting past me. I know what’s happening. Be Still and Know that I am God.”

“But God I said” “Hush Rick be still.”

“Rick”, God said, “How are you and Kathy doing?” “Oh, God I said, we are doing so great right now. Our closeness is unbelievable. I’m softening and so is she. There’s a different look in her eye.” I was getting more excited as I spoke. God chuckled and patted me on the shoulder saying “I know, I know.”

“Did you hear what Jeannie said about Kathy yesterday? How strong and powerful she is and how you two make such a great couple? God continued, she took the words right out of my mouth.”

“God, I said, what about Stacey and Scott? “What about them God said?” I said “She was supposed to die by now and yet she’s healed. They are on this trip around the country and loving life after such a scare.” God chuckled again, patting me on the shoulder “I made those two strong didn’t I?”

“God, I interviewed Marci, remember Marci?” God said: “How could I forget Marci?” I went on “her story is so amazing and her life turned out so well, not perfect, but perfectly Marci.” God patted me again and said “I keep a close eye on her she’s one of my special creations.”

We talked about my boys and how proud He and I are of them. He said “they will come around don’t worry.”

I told Him I was ready for a new adventure, His expression changed as a smile filled His face and eternal age lines covered every square inch of his face.

I brought up the Middle East and He was silent. The smile disappeared from His face as a steady stream of tears poured from His eyes to that large pool of water at His feet.

He didn’t say anymore, He didn’t have to. I can read a broken heart when I see one.

He smiled at me, reached both hands into the pool of tears, picked it up and poured it over my head.

Bless you my son, He said to me, You have the heart of your Father now go live the rest of your life as I lead you.

I turned to look up….His image was gone but the closeness I felt lingers….and the pool of water continues to fill.

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3 Yorum

18 Eki 2023

Wow...a conversation of Biblical proportions!

As to girls cutting themselves...sadly not new to this generation. As a teacher in the early 70's this was happening then across the nation. Even before social media was a thing.

And I'm your dream...what did God look like? White, Black, Brown?

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
18 Eki 2023
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

It's really sad. This was a young woman saying out of a group of seven she was the only one who had no scars to talk about. Crazy. I'm gonna let the "God's Color Comment" just slide off and roll off my back. Nice try though.


wow... enough said

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