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The Guard Dog Syndrome

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Don’t Expect It To Be Easy!

When you stir a hornets nest chances are damn good you will be stung.

The same is true when societies more silent crowd is fed up with the BS and begins to pushback.

America is in the beginning, I think, of a huge pushback.

Yes, we allowed it to go too long, because we didn’t want to step on toes and stir the nest.

But when you allow even a bit of apathy to take hold, those who disagree with you will push, gain territory, and when you finally decide to say “no more” taking back is much more difficult.

People are scared but for different reasons.

Some who disagree with me are stooping to the lowest of lows to try to silence me.

I must ask myself “what are they so afraid of?”

I’m concerned for our nation and feel if we don’t speak out we are in big trouble but I never feel like I have to “Shut Up” my opposition, never.

Instead, I think you and me need to speak up more and refuse to back down.

When ideologies collide, I see that as a good thing.

We need to get back to the real issues and stop allowing the conversation to be highjacked, manipulated or “managed” with bias, name calling and outright lies.

The backlash we are seeing, I think, is a reaction to frustration over the past several years of a government trying to manipulate the language and manage the story.

It’s called tyranny and I know that word lights a fire under some but look it up and look back and then let me hear you argue that one.

Stories aren’t meant to be managed.

We can and should demand truth be our guiding light, not cultural truth but real truth. Is there a difference? You bet.

The good news is as the critics get louder their fear shows. As the general public, yes that’s you and me, rise up and callout the things that don’t add up, the resistance will get stronger.

People are waking up.

We don’t mind disagreements, heck I’m good with some compromise, but what we will no longer put up with is those who try to silence us.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
28 พ.ค. 2566

What are we so afraid of?

We are afraid of trump getting reelected (or someone like him or even worse). If that happens trump (or some Right-wing extremist like him) will do everything he can (with the help of his greedy cronies) to take America deep into fascism and autocracy. After a few years of fascism, you tunnel-visioned Republicans will wish y'all had listened to the Democrats.

When trump lost in 2020 and incited an insurrection because he lost - that was just a practice run for him...


Do we now. Ok, whatever you want to believe, you just keep on telling yourself that. - M


Shine the light of truth bright enough and long enough on the darkness of evil and it will eventually crawl back into the dark hole it emerged from. - M

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
28 พ.ค. 2566

That's exactly how we feel about the vile conman called trump....

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