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The Great Turnaround

The Great Turnaround

After what, three years of residual COVID aftermath, it feels like common sense is finally starting to be fashionable again.

Now, I live in Montana , not Oregon and here the pandemic was taken and handled in a much more realistic manner.

But this Great Turnaround I see is bigger than the sky overhead and extend much farther than the borders of this giant state.

Foolishness usually reveals itself if given enough time.

When facts of the moment are replaced with actual facts, you hear less from the crowd as their fear is drowned out by the stillness of common sense.

As I said in the video, people like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson are talking openly about the overreaction of the cultural response.

Not just the reaction COVID but to Climate Change, Racism, Wokeness and all the gender/pronoun issues.

Don’t get me wrong there are still strong camps willing to “take you out” with the usual “Isms” for daring to address them, but their cancel culture is being canceled by a world with much bigger problems.

It’s not that the above mentions are not concerns and I think we need to talk about them.

What is changing is many of us no longer fear the techniques to silence the discussion and instead are pushing forward asking hard questions they can’t seem to answer.

I hear cries from the former cancelers for common ground….now.

Huh, they didn’t seem to hear our cries during the dark time when fear gripped them and we were ready to think with our heads not just our hearts.

Now, they want to sing “Kum By Yah”, hold hands and pretend it didn’t happen?

As was the case all along, we are willing to talk about what happened, why it happened in order to keep it from happening again.

But we’ve seen your definition of common ground and there isn’t much room on your team for disagreement and our arms are already sore from your twisting and pulling.

So as we move into this Great Turnaround, remember there are aspects of our freedom some of us are unwilling to waver on.

There are foundational truths that we refuse to put into the “little white lie” category and we won’t budge.

As we turnaround remember we’ve learned a lot over the past three years.

Our eyes are open and we don’t intend to close them again.

Censorship be damned and silence….never again.

I”m excited for the future.

Oh, I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but most change is like that.

In the world of working out many can find a burst of energy to get them through a short cycle of intense exercise….and then they quit.

But it takes training and perseverance to develop the stamina and control and endurance it takes to win the race.

Hold on everyone.

Once the can of worms is opened the cleansing begins and for awhile it’s not pretty.

But I believe it’s all part of the process.

We must not be surprised by the depth of the deceit but allow it to push us harder to that final goal……The Truth.

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