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The Gates of The Mountains

Gates Of The Mountains

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God is pretty amazing.

He creates some of the most beautiful sanctuaries out of nature and gives humans the ability to do the same.

Two of my three sisters and their husbands are in town so we decided to do a little tourist stuff.

We took them on a boat tour of what’s called “Gates Of The Mountain.”

It’s a rocky, rugged, section of the Missouri River just north of Helena Montana.

As you float up river the height and depth of the rock is breathtaking.

We saw a Big Horned Sheep, many eagles, jagged rock formations that soared into the sky.

The guide even pointed out a few ancient drawings on the rock walls done by people 13,000 years ago. (or so they think).

From there we dropped by the Cathedral of Saint Helena. My sister Dana has visited many of the great Catholic Churches in the world and said this one is in her top two. It really is stunning. You wonder how did such a structure end up in a relatively small town in Montana?

As I wake from a bad dream this morning I find myself reciting the Lord’s Prayer. I started doing this before I get out of bed each morning as a way of preparing for my day, my life. It centers me if that’s possible.

There are so many worries that wiggle their way into my conscience that really have no business being there. I look back at the pictures and videos I shot yesterday. I remember the stories the tour guide told of tragedy, triumph and tenacity. I am but a speck on the tapestry of history and yet God see’s value and has a plan for me. You and I have a role to play in this life. It would be a shame to miss something over worry.

Take some time out of your day today to find something beautiful to focus on.

It’s not that hard to find…..if we look.

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The only way to find true peace and joy in this life is by knowing the Lord and seeking His center for your life every day. I know this 64 year old is working on that and it sounds like you're there too my friend. This is the day the Lord has made; rejoice and be glad in it! - M


There is beauty in everything. Focus on the positive and you see the positives, however, if all you do is focus on the negative all you will see are the negatives. No matter how bad something seems if you look you will always find something positive. Have a great day

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