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The Crack Is Starting

Something Is About To Break, Can You Feel It?

Each day another crack in the plastic armor of our nation cracks a little deeper.

The lies cannot hold up any longer.

I read and listen to more and more experts as they rise from behind the iron curtain, speaking a new truth, a story different than the one culture blabs and I have hope.

Sometimes it is difficult to believe God has a plan.

But when a nation is delivered from tyranny the process is painful.

We got ourselves into this mess by listening to enchanting lies and false hope but we are done, I hope.

Some believed we were saving the world, making things fair, when in fact the story was too good to be true and even now those who created and followed it refuse to look beyond the narrative to the exposure that’s ripping the scab off our nations wounds.

The hypocrisy is revealed to those whose eyes are open.

Oh how good it is to finally see behind the curtain.

The players masks ripped off, slowly, but surely revealing the foolishness of their folly.

There are those who will dig their heels deeper and we must remember that is their right.

We should not censor their speech for soon it will reveal itself for what it is.

Instead we should resist their divisive language and manipulation and instead slowly start to come back together.

We were all wrong in some way.

But grudges only deepen the divide.

Our past is what it is, to blame the dead is weak-minded and ridiculous.

Instead let’s look for the real problems not fabricated methods designed to give one group power over another.

The truth is there is a lot of great things going on in our world.

It’s time to focus on solutions to real problem rather than manufactured talking points designed to stir nothing but chaos.

Yes, something is about to break, I can feel it.

Are you in?

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Feb 03, 2023

Rick and others have been saying the cracks are starting for the past several years. If he means in the support for extreme beliefs and behavior, then I really hope so!


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Feb 02, 2023

You are talking in riddles, Rick...

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