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The Crack is Exposed

No More Talk, Time For Action

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We are way past the point of talk in this country.

What we need and I’m seeing, is people willing to step up and do something positive.

I have a good friend who is sick of what’s going on in the schools so he’s running for the school board.

Now that’s putting your money where you mouth is.

Another friend got tired of all the crap going on in their rural town so instead of complaining he ran for mayor, got others to run for the city council and guess what happened? Yep, common sense is a live and well in this small Oregon town. (He will be on our show next week I hope)

We need to return to some sense of moderation in our nation.

We’ve sat back thinking someone will notice but no one did until the darkness got so dark people started waking up.

Yesterday i was listening to a podcast with Jordan Peterson interviewing Christopher Rufo.

Rufo was a documentary producer for PBS.

While doing a special for them, this progressive guy did a flipflop.

Seeing the folly of his ideology he’s now outspoken about the far left’s ridiculous plans.

I highly recommend listening to this man’s story and how he was treated when he jumped ship.

But more important listen to what he discover about woke-ness.

It’s episode #335.

Big things are coming.

The crack in the foundation that’s driven us into this divisive, unsustainable thought pattern, is exposing itself for what it is…..a lie.

But you can’t just talk about change you have to get involved and participate.

Find ways to work with people, join a board or committee in your community and be a voice of reason.

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