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The Broken SilenceThe Broken

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The Broken Silence

Last nigh on a live on TicTok I was talking about some of the ideas below when the platform shut me down and claimed I was spreading misinformation….It’s time to fight back my friends. It’s time to Get Real.

People ask why the truth isn’t exposed about many issues (you fill in the blanks) and I have my theories.

But until the truth is told, the downward spiral of our nation will continue.

Over the past three years culture has created so many lies many can’t even see the truth and more sad is they don’t even look anymore.

As evidence mounts against their positions and their leaders, it becomes so obvious they were fooled that you’d have to be blind not to see it. But they blind, at least some the rest living in denial.

And still they hold out.

The narratives that have no basis, no science, no foundation, no truth, continue to be uttered in their empty hallways because they have nothing else to stand on.

The quicksand below them pulls them deeper and lower but they flail and fight thinking if they scream louder the lie will magically turn into truth.

Too many brave people, who once were silenced, are speaking out.

Many in their own camp realize it’s over and we can’t keep going like this.

But they, yes the mighty they, refuse to humble themselves and admit they mess up and they took the rest of us kicking and screaming down this path of disaster.

I’m a guy who believes in God and His principals. Let’s not get all caught up on that but there’s a reason I tell you that.

God allows us to have choices. He gives us a long rope and sometimes we use it to pull ourselves out of a mess and other times to hang ourselves.

My belief is He will continue to expose the lies but some are purposely blinded and others choose to be. Either way until humans admit their wrongs, tell the truth about their lies, confess their sins …..however you want to put it, they will continue to dig a hole for themselves and the foundation-less culture they’ve tried to build a society on.

It’s failing, failing miserably and unfortunately we live here and get to be part of that failure.

But I also see people are waking up. People are stepping back. The silence is broken.

What can we do?

Number one pray.

Number two, reconnect with our neighbors, schools, communities……resist the division.

They need us divided and we need to be reunited.

Divide in conquer is and was their plan all along….so go against it, don’t do it, fight it and get involved.

And number three…..speak up, out and never be silent.

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Apr 12, 2023

You say some interesting and important things. This is not the first time you write of being shutdown or taken off a site for what you have said. But you have ignored requests to tell us what you said, so we can see and evaluate for ourselves? Why?

Also, you write about lies created in the past 3 years. I think “culture “ has created or allowed lies for thousands of years. Don’t you? (Small point: you write above, “God and his Principals,” did you mean “principles?”

Hope to hear more about why you were shutdown!


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe
Apr 12, 2023

Psalm 40:2

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