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That Voice Of Yours Matters

The Way To Change Is To Tell The Truth.

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There’s a change happening in America.

You can feel it.

Even the left is feeling it.

For too long, people.who had different opinions from those of the culture, had to watch their words or be canceled.

Imaginary lines, drawn by people who lean more left, have become visible to many of us.

A tide is turning.

Techniques used by the left to control conversations and quietly push their own agenda, no longer work.

The economy is in the toilet, job numbers skewed to satisfy the mass’, but the fact is people can’t afford to live right now.

Lies are exposed by those who lie.

They tattle on themselves.

Wordsmiths use their forked tongues to create narratives aimed at softening reality to create a false sense of comfort.

But at some point not being able to pay the bills screams louder than the plastic “news people” who help spread the message of the masters.

So what should you do?

Ah, we live in a free country so do what you think is best.

In the video attached I give a little advice on how to find your voice and use it.

I’m becoming an expert at canceling the cancelers.

As a man who’s been canceled and is still canceled each day, I can tell you, it gets to a point of ridiculousness and you laugh.

As a wise book once told me, the stickers only stick if you let them.


The bad things people say about you only matter if you let them.

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Our economy is so bad, that Trump supporters could only raise a mere 54 million dollars in 24 hours, for the Trump campaign. Poor us! Whatever shall become of us!?


I don’t see it that way. If the economy was in the toilet then the stock market would be down-it is WAY up, employment would be down-it is way up, wage growth would be down-it is WAY UP. Rick, I suggest you read more widely. Oh, and crime is WAY DOWN across America. Even in Montana.

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