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Take The Time To Listen.

Take The Time To Listen.

Sponsored by Alvord Taylor

I have spent a lot of time with people in the “different abilities community.”

People we used to label disabled are not really that much different than the rest of us.

But there are communication gaps, and barriers for many.

We either won’t, don’t or can’t connect with them because there are aspects about them we don’t understand.

We’re afraid to ask because we don’t know what to ask.

We work with Alvord Taylor an organization in Springfield that works with people with different abilities.

Together we’re going to start showing you, how to better communicate with these amazing people, by listening to them.

They will tell you what they need, how to react, how not to react.

When I was recently back in Oregon I met three amazing folks who we’ll start this campaign with.

Richard is the first and his video is now public.

Our hope is you will learn something about them and yourself.

And the next time you see someone or come into contact with someone like Richard, you’ll be more comfortable doing so.

From my own experience, people in the different abilities community, will warm your heart, tell you the truth and show you an aspect of humanity you’ve never experienced before.

Share the video, this blog and be part of our effort to bring all of us together.

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I have learned in my 68 years often times we, the "normal" are the ones with the disability. We judge with our eyes. We make assumptions. we fear what we do not know or understand, and as a result we mis out on many rich rewarding experiences. I am guilty of this, but I try very hard to make the effort to approach and learn. My wife foster cared for persons with disabilities while I traveled for work. Together we learned they are probably the more loving and truly honest people you will meet. We fostered a young man with cerebral Palsy, and a 65-year-old lady with an IQ of a 5yr. old. This both humbled us and t…


04 thg 10, 2023

Well said!

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