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Stop Rewarding Bad Behavior

Stop rewarding bad behavior

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(Cultural Barbie)

When someone commits a crime, put them in jail.

If an employee doesn’t do his or her job, fire them.

If you don’t work you don’t have any money.

These are all pretty simple ideas, so it would seem, but have been lost in our current culture.

During the pandemic our government paid people not to work and look where it got us…..highest food costs in decades and despite what Joe Biden and his supporters like to say, an economy that’s in the toilet.

We allow activists to run our national conversation centering on things that impact few over issues of mass importance.

Rather than teaching basic skills in school we blab about pro-nouns and the gender issue and wonder why so many of our youth live with anxiety, depression and confusion.

Have you heard about this new trend called “Quiet Quitting?”

This is when you do the bare minimum to keep your job, nothing more, nothing less.

Wow, that’s a recipe for disaster.

We know the opposite is what builds self esteem, character and wealth.

But our culture believes everyone deserves the same, hard work or not.

Well my friends, the shock is, life doesn’t work that way.

Lazy is lazy and you get what you put into life.

You’re government can pay for your life, you have to.

Our colleges and universities preach against a merit based system. They think everything should be equal and fair. Life is not equal and it certainly isn’t fair so why in the Hell are we teaching our youth that it can be?

Instead, we should be educating kids with the idea that failure is the road to success.

We should give them hope that no matter what side of the tracks you come from the way to a better life is hard work.

Purpose is everything. If you don’t have one and have no idea how to search, you will fall for whatever culture tells you.

And right now culture is a liar, a thief and hides behind techniques we used to frown on.

Remember when kindness was a virtue?

Now it’s a bumper sticker.

Remember when the focus in schools was said to be prevention of bullying, now we promote it, use it and applaud those who rip someone’s character to shreds on the internet.

Ah, but the tide is turning and when tides turn the loudmouths get louder for awhile.

They bring out their knives and stones to silence those who call them out for their shortsightedness and ignorance.

But it’s time.

Despite what our education system tries to push, 2 plus 2 is still four. You don’t get to make if 5 because you don’t like the “right answer.”

You don’t need to take to the streets to fight ignorance you simply have to call it out.

If we don’t it will soon be too late.

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