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Stop Looking For The Easy Way Out

This Has to Stop

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Did you see where there’s proof Amazon was censoring books that spoke out against the vaccine during the dark time?

Yep, report came out this morning.

I know some of you believe I should just move on and quit harping on stuff like this.

The reason I don’t is simple….the truth matters.

If you live in a lie, darkness envelopes you.

The United States is in a very dark place right now.

A year ago I was censored by Democrats and media controllers, for speaking out against illegal immigration.

Now the Democrats finally admit there’s a problem and are now trying to blame the Republicans….go figure.

There is a blindness hanging over our culture right now.

Simple lies and untruths are not so simple for some to see.

We need to get back to being a free nation where all ideas are allowed on the table so that we can sort them out for ourselves not allow politicians and media companies to determine what we can and cannot see.

Feelings are a wonderful thing but when we allow them to make our decisions for us, we end up….we’ll where we are right now.

People are finally starting to see we were duped when it comes to the over-reaction to the pandemic but other things like climate change are still on the no-no list.

We are like puppets and the puppet masters, pulling the strings, know us better than we know ourselves.

They appeal to our false virtue, our misplaced compassion and understand many will not research the facts but instead nuzzle up to the teat and suck away at whatever they feed us.

It is time we graduate from being fed information and instead add meat to our diet. We need to chew on things, allow them to roll around in our heads a bit and quit digesting what’s easy.

We are a divided nation and it doesn’t have to be like this.

We have narcissistic Democrats and Republicans fighting over power and we the American people are the big losers.

But we can’t blame our leaders…..we put them there.

Perhaps it’s time to start putting the blame where it belongs….our ignorance.

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3 commentaires

07 févr.

Report on Amazon? Please direct us to it so we can read it for ourselves. Thanks.

Truth about vaccines? I for one, am awaiting proof that there is a great 'die off' for those of us who took vaccines for Covid. Several of my friends say, "any day, now." And they have been saying it for years.

I would like to know what Democrats censored you and the circumstances. Vague accusations reach down into some people's anxiety and cause the emotional reactions you criticize above.

As to some Democrats changing their tune about immigration-true enough. You should be glad as you earlier said some people would not admit an error. Yay!Now it is the Republicans who won't pass their own…


07 févr.

And now for the rest of the story. The Biden Administration pressured Amazon to do it. They had Amazon execs come to the White House for a private meeting and they pressured Amazon to do it. This goes along with the spying on Americans just because they shop at Cabelas or buy Bibles. I keep hearing that Trump is a threat to democracy but we have a dictator in office right now who frequently violates the Constitution in an attempt to control Americans. (Searching private bank records without a warrant is against the law as is suppressing freedom of speech!!)

07 févr.
En réponse à

Sorry? Spying on people who shop at Cabelas or buy Bibles? I do both? What proof can you point us to?

Searching bank records w/o a warrant? Can you point me to that report? I will read it. Thanks.

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