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Stand Still But Not Idle

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Stand Still, But Don’t Be Idle.

I’ve had some recent conversations with people I disagree with that perplex me.

I’m sure they feel the same way.

I’m in search of common ground but can only find tiny islands and even those seem to be a stretch.

It is my belief there are evil forces as work in this world.

The battle between good and evil is in full court.

What was considered right is now considered wrong by cultural standards and vice-versa.

The more culture calls for an end to hate the more its own hate reveals its angry temper and pushes to silence opposition.

For decades people like me ignored the obvious places that would lead to more anger, thinking surly they will come around.

But instead the hole got deeper and the deception more outlandish.

I read this morning “And He shall bring it to pass.”

You can’t save a drowning man.

“Spiritual forces cannot work while earthly forces are active.”

Maybe it’s time to pray and then leave it alone.

I’m not saying stay silent, not at all.

But for me it’s remembering I don’t know the outcome of this current state of affairs. I don’t want to get in the way of what God is doing. Destruction will come and we all get to pay the price of the folly of others.

“Stand Still” I hear from God.

He doesn’t say retreat.

He doesn’t say be idle.

“Stand Still”.

To Stand Still means keeping the posture of an upright man or woman ready to take action. Expect further orders and when all Hell comes for you, move only when God tells you too.

“He and only He shall bring His will to pass.”

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Your "Stand still" has a continuation, scripturally...."and see the salvation of your God." You're's not always going to be this way. He does have a plan. I read the Book, and in the end, His plan will come to completion. We who have put our trust in Him and our lives in His hands will be on the winning team. We are to hate evil, and do good. (Not an instruction to hate others, but to hate evil...and work to do good.) We don't know how much time we have here, but I personally do not believer there is a lot of it. What I do know is that when He pulls the plug, I'm going up.


Rick, gotta agree with you. Our society has turned evil and good upsidedown and darkness has overshadowed our nation. So, we must carefully listen to God and the light of good must shine even brighter. - M.

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