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Somebody Save Me

What If We Could Just Give It All Away?

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When Kathy and I decided to leave Oregon and move 1k miles to Montana, we had to lighten our load.

For years KEZI had paid tens of thousands of dollars for my suits.

I had some really nice suits.

I saved them, for what I don’t know, but thought I might one day wear them again.

One day I put a notice on social media that I would be giving away my suits on a first come first serve basis.

I sat up in the back of my truck outside the 5th Street Market in Eugene, Oregon and people started showing up.

I don’t know how many suits I gave away that day but it felt good easing my load, lightening my burden and giving folks who probably never had a suit that nice, something special to wear.

Now Kathy and I are at a point we want to lighten our load even more. The “Stuff” I once thought so necessary to be happy is just stuff.

We have some friends staying with us in their RV parked outside our house. We had dinner with Scott and Stacey Randall last night. They are on a two month journey across the United States.

They sold their huge home, moved into something more affordable and are now living life to the fullest.

Stacey “HAD” a rare form of cancer and wasn’t supposed to live a year…she beat that and the cancer is gone. They are free….truly free.

Their story inspires us to rethink our plan. It is so easy to get locked into something less than living by stuff and expectations. What if we had neither and rolled with the flow of life rather than try to put our oars in the water and paddle for dear life in a direction that is not really us?

I feel like this Fall is a pruning time for both of us. Winter will be a season for things to die so that beautiful things can be born inside us. When Spring rolls around who knows where the float may take us.

I’m becoming a huge fan of the singer “Jelly Roll.” His songs are so authentic and raw. “Somebody Save Me”. The song goes “Somebody save me from myself…” I get it…No one is trapping me….but me.

But no one can save me but my maker. My prayer is that he continue to open my eyes to the drudgery of life and in that revelation we find a path to our unknown….and I pray the same for you.

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I think George Carlin said it best.."IT"S JUST STUFF" I do not know why it is so hard to give up those things I have carried for 60 years. I have my baby shoes, report cards and other personal items. My kids want none of why? Maybe it is holding on to a part of my life I remember being happy. I need to learn to let go. I have a shed full of "stuff" I have not looked at in years, yet when I do look at it I keep re-packing it. One day, I pray I can let it got, and hold the memories in my mind and not my shed.


Stuff....that space taking, dust collecting, I'll need or use those someday items that seem somehow to multiply when you are not looking. We have an annual yard sale and it is amazing how much stuff we shed. What we don't sell we donate or give away... No stuff comes back to take up space and clutter our lives. We bought a 28 foot fifth wheel travel trailer and are working on it to make it a home away from home. In 5 years we hope to do what your friends are doing and have a tiny home to land in when not traveling......Lord willing. If you decide to go that way, watch a lot of RV videos on YouTube and…

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This will be a bit random as I will add as I think about things. Getting rid of most of your stuff is the first thing. 99% of what you have has to go or be stored somewhere. Don't know how much experience you have with RVing and with what kind. I have found from watching hundreds of hours of You Tube videos (while riding the stationary bike) posted by full and part time RVers that there is much more to it than one expects. They stress that the lifestyle has its rewards but also, it's not just sitting by a creek in your easy chair. I have restored and upgraded 4 RV's since I started camping. First a roof…

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