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Some Days I Just Want To Stop

Days When I Want To Give Up

I have days when I just want to give up.

I am so tired of people who will not listen.

Social Media is where I work and the longer I’m there the more I despise it.

I was in Idaho this weekend visiting my sister.

She said I like what you do and think it’s important but I worry about you because people are so nasty on there.

I brushed it off and said “Oh I can handle it.”

But honestly some days I can’t.

We had a great time at a Speak Easy in Idaho.

We enjoyed the people, the freedom and the lack of dirty streets, transients on the streets, litter, crime and so on.

Even mentioning such things will bring the woke to my jugular.

What Bothers Me.

One, people’s ignorance astounds me.

Their ability to look past all the facts, regurgitate what they hear from the sources that tickle them, and blast anyone who disagree’s, actually floors me.

It reminds me of driving in inclement weather.

You grab on, hold your feet to the floor, and pray you don’t slip off the road.

I predict the United States will not be united very much longer.

You will have red states and blue states.

Those who side far left will inhabit the blue and more conservative the red.

Oregon was destroyed when too many left leaning folks moved in, drowning the independent spirit that once made Oregon a truly politically diverse place to live.

Those days are long gone and probably won’t return, if my prediction of red and blue states is accurate.

I know some feel the pressure, in red states, where more blue are moving in and vice-versa, but if the true blue and red states stay true to their color, it may make the state uncomfortable to those of a different hue.

My sister who lives in Boise says the people she’s meeting are coming from Blue states but they are conservative voters.

When I was a journalist working in TV News, censorship was not an issue. Oh, the media very much leaned left but they at least tried to make it look like they were being fair.

Compared with what you see today, they were angels.

I fight Facebook all the time.

We reach hundreds of thousands of accounts each month but still the media giant throttles what we do and if they lead or title is too honest, they hold it back.

I’m moving out to other platforms but at this point FB and Instagram are powerhouses with lots of people.

Someone asked me the other day if I think we will ever come together and if I’m “real honest” I don’t.

I think people will not only live but create business in states that share their views.

The hard thing is for those who are red and live in places like Oregon but can’t move or won’t because of special circumstances.

Kathy and I lived like that for a long, long time.

Near the end, especially during the COVID crap, we saw the state for what it was and the decision to leave was much easier.

People like to blast me for what they call “Bashing Oregon.” I’m not bashing Oregon I’m speaking facts.

I get as much grief from them as I do from the far left.

I gain people and I lose them.

I see folks on both sides of the isle get pissed at me for telling the truth because they want, not the truth, but something that makes them feel better.

On days like today I can’t make anyone feel better.

There’s a side that wants to just fold up shop and say screw it.

But that’s what “they” want.

For decades I’ve listened and tiptoed around their ignorance and I will not play the game any longer.

So yeh, there are days I want to give up.

But ingrained deep in my spirit is the need to be a voice, to have a voice and to give you a voice.

So here we go, let’s dig in and see where this party ends up.

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People seem to have lost their manners and civility. When I encounter this behavior I shake the sand off my sandals and carry on.


The more people that leave FB, the better. I strongly encourage you to do so.

The last time Oregon was a truly politically diverse state was when business friendly governor, Tom McCall posted a huge billboard on I5 at the border facing California stating, "WELCOME TO OREGON - Then Go Home!"


Keep up the good work! - M

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