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So Much To Think About

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So Much To Think About.

Sitting by the pool my mind is spinning with so much good information I’m gonna need some time to process it all.

One question I take from this is Why me?

I don’t mean that in the sense of whining like “God, why me?

I pose that question to myself to better understand my purpose designed from the beginning of time.

We’ve met some amazing people.

I won’t get specific just yet but one brand manager approached Kathy about her fitness level and that conversation turned into something really big for both of us.

We already signed up to return to the conference next year in Dallas, Texas.

When perspectives change life is altered and we’re ready for

A few more alterations.

Over time I’ll start talking about changes or maybe I won’t hVe to say a word you’ll just notice.

Notice or not we won’t be the same coming home as we were when we left.

I also predict bigger things in the making.

We’ll see.

The world is in better shape than we thought.

Not to ignore ignorance or stupidity but we spent three days with innovative, creative and motivated folks from all over the country who see a clear vision of America.

A vision of hope, hard work and people dedicated to changing the world and preserving what is good and right. Yes. Good and right.

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