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So Much Has Changed (Still Too Soon)

So Much Has Changed

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I went back in the archives of my Youtube channel looking for a video. I have over 3300 video’s on Youtube dating back more than a decade.

So many different clients, so many different stories, so many different people.

As I look back I see when life got pretty ugly. Masks start showing up on the video’s and people looked stressed. I go back pre-pandemic and there’s a glimmer in the eyes of people. I also notice my stories were lighter, more fun, brighter.

I hate what the reaction to the pandemic did to us as a culture, as a people, as neighbors.

We lost clients, jobs, friends… many people. No, not to death from the pandemic but because of the reaction to the virus.

A friend produced a video of a one on one conversation between two people who don’t agree. They gave them questions to ask each other. It is not based on the pandemic but I would like to do something like that but focused on how people feel about the dark time, now.

I wonder if people would be honest?

What would you ask them?

Could we put aside our differences for just an hour to really listen to what each other is saying or not?

I’m not even sure I could right now.

It seems to me this time in our culture almost opened a door too heavy to close easily. Somehow the reaction gave us an unwarranted permission to peak into each others lives and somehow believe we can judge what others do.

Maybe we are all too entrenched in our positions and beliefs to have a real conversation?

Perhaps enough time has yet to pass to put the past behind us.

I was talking with a friend who is a therapist and she told me for a lot of people what happened during the pandemic brings on PTSD, for real. I hope next time, if there ever has to be a next time, if our leaders look at a lockdown that they not just take into account physical death but the death of our spirit, our trust, our culture and our society.

We tend to be too simplistic with our motives and fail to look at the big picture when reacting without thinking.

Perhaps it’s too early for a sit-down conversation.

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Rick is too dumb to understand the many nuances of living in a society with a pandemic. He and his followers believe complete and utter disinformation (like the government is doing this to control us). The real idea is to protect vulnerable folks in our society. Rick is a selfish narcissist who who only thinks about himself and uses fear mongering to try and get clicks. While he may have a small following, he not good enough to get beyond the fringe of ignorance in eastern Oregon. just look at how many people see these posts. it’s in the hundreds.

Replying to

They literally are so sheltered from actual truth and news that is legitimate and accountable to fact checking, that they let their loyalty override any last sense of logic they might have had. And guess what Rick is guilty of promoting this bullshit. God will judge him harshly.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Sep 23, 2023

Well, I'm glad you didn't lose anyone to Covid. I lost several people to Covid and I know many people who lost people from COVID - so there we are.

Once again, you are guilty of misinformation and being woefully ignorant of facts...

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Sep 24, 2023
Replying to

"We lost clients, jobs, friends… many people. No, not to death from the pandemic but because of the reaction to the virus."

Over a million Americans died from Covid. To say what Rick said (above) is simply not true. Most people know of at least one friend or relative that DIED from Covid - not because of the reaction to the virus. Such a woefully ignorant (my girlfriend's words) statement...

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