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Sneaky F--kers

Sneaky F—kers

In the world of fish, there is a type (I don’t remember the name), that has these super male fish, female fish and then there are males who disguise themselves as female fish to trick the girls into a relationship. Without the disguise the fish are invisible, not literally, but in terms of power, prestige and attractiveness to the female.

As the podcaster tells the story of these fish I’m thinking how true that is today of humans.

Imposters, who have little to offer, manipulate the message in their favor to gain favor.

They have no real power just live a lie and the susceptible, who have no discernment, fall for it.

The fish are called “Sneaky F-ckers” because that’s exactly what they are.

They have not earned stature or respect but demand it based on a boatload of lies.

As I listen to the story I wonder if the female fish ever catch on?

Is there a moment when the lies tattle on the teller of tales?

You know where I’m going with this don’t you?

First, this has nothing to do with males or females so the haters can let that one go even though it’s so tempting to want to make that the issue here.

It’s not.

Read on.

Our country is taken over by “Sneaky F—kers”, who have lied their way to positions of power.

They don’t seem to care that what they are doing is wrong because they are getting filthy rich off selling us out.

What’s even more disturbing is the folks who should be calling them out (the media) turn a blind eye to what’s going on.

And then there’s the general public that swallows the lies, hook, line and sinker.

The “Sneaky F--kers” pay no attention because they’ve watched so many get away with it and understand how lies on top of lies eventually are taken by the weak as truth.

They know the mass’ just want trouble to go away and hate confrontation so they cuddle up to the “Sneaky F—kers” and look the other way.

What happens when the fish catch on?

You know, when they realize they’ve been bamboozled?

We live in a world of “Sneaky F—kers”.

But what we are witnessing today is really phenomenal.

The Sneaky have lied so much they are tangling themselves in a web of deceit and the web is unraveling.

Oh, don’t expect them to come clean.

Arrogance isn’t like that.

They will lie more, push harder and eventually destroy themselves and those who follow them.

I think we are witnessing a sort of judgement in the United States.

We used to be a nation of laws and understood right from wrong.

We got caught up in versions of truth and wordsmiths watered down meanings, leaving us open for misinterpretation.

So here we are….we have a choice.

We can allow the “Sneaky F—kers” to push us into a corner or we can stand up and say “no more, we’re onto you.”

The good news is the latter seems to be happening.

Oh, and let’s give credit to the “Sneaky F—kers” too.

They are so caught up in the mess they can’t see straight.

They pushed too hard and too long.

Arrogance caught them off guard.

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Aug 01, 2023

My experience is that arrogance has been the downfall of many.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Aug 01, 2023

Yor text describes tRump to a "T" (pun intended). Of course, you would never admit such as you are so hung up on the "awfulness" of the Biden Administration (which in reality has done wonderful things, including saving us from the vile conman-grifter called tRump).

By the way, you are referring to "Giant Cuttlefish."

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
Aug 01, 2023
Replying to

Oh that's cool. The guest on the podcast couldn't remember the name of the fish. I appreciate that.

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