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Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors.

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People who fail to do their research like to call names of those who do look into things.

And if anyone is paying attention right now you know who the left will throw up as their nominee for the White House. She isn’t a Biden but a highly prized name in D politics.

Read the articles coming out right now.

Listen to the pundits, especially the ones you don’t like.

Read between the lines.

They want it to look like a surprise but this is a well-orchestrated plan, don’t be fooled by fancy words and sentences that warm you soul.

Never in my life has it been so frowned upon to read between the lines.

We have groups of people, left and right, who want to run the world.

The most dangerous people, to them, are the between the lines readers.

They use fancy words, millions of dollars in public relations messages, and their polls to play the populous like puppets.

They know us better than we know ourselves.

They know we value comfort over everything.

So if they can create the illusion and still get their way, you are a tool to them.

I think many Americans are waking to the game.

Problem is we are easily persuaded to fall in line.

Look what happened during COVID.

Man, they saw how easily manipulated our culture can be and  pushed hard to see how far they could take us.

What’s coming up this election cycle will be ugly.

The lies, the manipulation,…..and many will fall for it because they don’t want to do the work it takes to see what’s really going on they just want to feel good.

The blinders must come off.

We’ve got to use logic to question their so-called solutions.

But most important we need to speak up and not be afraid of their threats.

When the election is over, I think it will be all out chaos no matter who wins.

People are frustrated and we as a nation very divided.

If you think what happened last cycle was bad, wait until this election is called because those who fail to get the votes, probably aren’t going to be very quiet about the new direction the new leadership wants to take us.

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Gosh Rick, to me your writing is starting to sound like the prophecies of Nostradamus…very vague, unsubstantiated and anyone can read anything into it. Again, I ask, please reference your sources so we can check it out-like you ask us to .

Replying to

Jim, I'm still a working man. You have plenty of time on your hands to go source information if you really want to. This is a tactic people use to try to discredit people. It doesn't work anymore. No one cares. People understand how to google sources and check alternative media for answers. You need to get with the times and spend as much time as you do trying to discredit people, on finding your own answers. As for your comment about the middle earlier....I had to laugh a little. Sorry, Bullshit is hard to ignore and we all know you are nowhere near the middle. hahahaha


Too much hate, division and distrust to come together no matter who is elected. I am not laying any bets that a true election even happens. I figure we are headed towards the big national divorce and we will eventually split into regional areas of Red and Blue with the US government being mostly inpatient. Watch the Texas story unfold. We already are seeing the State and Federal squaring off. - M

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