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Skiing Rural Oregon: ExplOregon The Backstories

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Warner Mountain, Skiing The Old Fashioned Way

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On a little hill in a place called LakeView Oregon, is a ski lodge.

Now this is not “Big Sky Montana” or even close to a “Mt Hood Meadows.”

It’s a community owned, community run ski lodge eight miles from downtown Lakeview Oregon.

For those who have never been to Lakeview Oregon you are in a for a treat.

It’s 90 minutes from the nearest town so fair to say in the middle of nowhere.

But this is the most charming nowhere we’ve ever been.

Kathy and I used to produce a travel show for Toyota.

It was called Exploregon the backstories.

We’d travel to remote spots and tell the stories of the people there.

We visited Lakeview twice.

I remember they did an article in the local paper with our picture and for that four or five days we were celebrities in town, there to help them promote their lifestyle.

We didn’t pay for a meal, no one would let us.

Everywhere we went people thanked us for being there.

It was real Oregon, the Oregon I remember growing up in as a kid.

I pulled out my Exploregon Hard drive and have decided to start repurposing those videos.

Sure, some things have probably changed in 10 years but what has not changed is the people.

We’re gonna start with the Warner Canyon Ski Area.

The price of a ticket is cheap, it’s close to town and best of all you never have to wait to get on the chairlift.

Yes, this is a skier’s paradise.

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Good article! Been to Lakeview with a desk we refinished for some folks.....neat town and people. We are going to give snowshoeing a try for the first time here in Wallowa County. - M

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